Increase Business Project Performance and Value

Increase Business Performance and Value

Prosultant® is a business-driven framework of methods, tools, and techniques that:

  • Build and sustain efficient and effective technology-enabled business capabilities.
  • Increase project investment productivity … reduces cost, enables more frequent and tangible deliveries, and improves business benefits.

Improve Business Capability Performance

EPAZCETM, a part of Prosultant®, is a business capability life cycle management framework that guides business teams in planning, developing, and transitioning to industry leading business capability practices. This framework delivers processes that elevate the intensity and quality of engagement between business and IT teams, resulting in improved business and project performance.

Improve Project Investment Productivity

Prosultant® focuses on 14 business and IT interactions that must be executed flawlessly to optimize project outcomes. Project teams need to:

  • Own these actions.
  • Be accountable for their results.
  • Never delegate accountability for these actions to third parties.

Innovate, Don’t Re-invent

Prosultant® delivers fundamental business and project execution actions that enable successful business results. These actions are supported by process, role, deliverable, and solution assets. By themselves, those assets will save teams hundreds of hours of time versus re-creating them from scratch.

Two key guiding principles of Prosultant® are:

  • Teams need to leverage existing assets (internal and external) and solutions rather than spending scarce organization resources (people, time, capital) to solve problems that others have already solved.
  • Teams need to focus on solving for the vital few differentiating needs and assets that drive competitive advantage.

Increase Business Project Performance and Value

Adopt Prosultant’s® methods, tools, and assets. Increase business performance and value delivered by your business capabilities and projects.