Increase Performance and Value by 10X

Prosultant® is a certification framework for non-technical business professionals.

The certification program is comprised of two courses:

  • Projects: Delivers actionable insights that help individuals and teams achieve successful outcomes on business change initiatives, including information technology projects.
  • Capability Thinking™: Delivers a new management, strategy and leadership paradigm that helps individuals and organizations increase the performance and value of business change initiatives by 10X.

Think Different

Capability Thinking™ promotes a different framework for people and organizations to think, act and achieve. That “Think Different” approach nurtures a focus on creating and sustaining differentiated business capabilities to achieve industry leadership. It also accelerates career opportunities for people who embrace Capability Thinking™.

Capability Thinking™ enables organizations to “curve-jump” rather than merely being “curve-riders”.

The Prosultant® certification program provides the know-how for people, teams and organizations to become Capability Thinkers™.

For more information on the Prosultant® business professional certification, go to Consultant-in-a-Box™ or Inperva.